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We are your approved and recommended moving coordinator for the entire nation. We provide a team to give you a preliminary quote based on the items you provide in your inventory list. Then a Quality Assurance call to further access your items and inventory list and allot for the correct space on the truck. We utilize pick up and delivery spreads based on FMCSA & DOT requirements. We offer professional state to state service, advice and assistance through the entire move.

Simply fill out your inventory, by clicking below or give our coordinators a call to help guide you through the process.

How to book your mover

How can you do the best to get a proper quote?

Be Honest!

  1. Be honest about your inventory and items that will be loaded on the truck. This will allow for the proper amount of space to be reserved and give you the most accurate cost to move your items from point A to point B.

There are NO GUARANTEES in logistics

  1. NO moving company can guarantee a pick up date or time. We ask for a two day window incase of emergency, there are trucks traveling from state to state to pick up and deliver your move, the labors and drivers are not allowed to work more than 8 hours or drive more than 500 miles in a 24 hour period for safety reasons. Weather, traffic, and accidents all play a huge part in pick up and delivery arrivals.

Understand the LAW

  1. We know the laws. One of the primary functions of an interstate moving coordinator is to act as the consumer’s advocate and liaison with the moving company and the DOT. An interstate moving coordinator is the consumer’s agent and advocate throughout the moving process. We are here for you!

We support our customers in which ever company they choose. The more informed you are about the moving industry the better your decision making process will be.


Relocation Options

  • Get a quote based on a list you provide, LxWxH
  • You decide what your taking and what your not
  • We will review your items again during Quality assurance for accuracy and volume, look for this call 2-5 days prior to pickup
  • One of our support members will contact you AROUND 6PM THE EVENING PRIOR to the first pick up date chosen to give you an exact date, please remember the drivers are on real roads, in real trucks and have guidelines to follow with regards to DOT regulations. We want them and your belongings safe.
  • You will get picked up in a 26ft moving truck
  • Your belongings will be put on the truck after blanketed and wrapped
  • Ensure your items are packaged properly and that all glass items, TV’s, and mattresses are boxed and/or covered with a mattress cover. ANY items not covered, will be required to be packaged by our movers and will incur additional charges. (If not already listed on your Binding Moving Estimate). During your QA call we can add packing if needed
  • Your items will be delivered in a tractor trailer (if youneed a shuttle it may be extra because items must be moved 2x)
  • Are estimated and based on mileage, routing, and fluctuate due to traffic, weather, and other unforeseen delays. However, once the driver arrives he can give you a better estimate of the time frame for your delivery.
  • If you sign for a FIRST AVAILABLE DELIVERY DATE (F.A.D.D.), this means your belongings will be kept in the state of origin and the delivery process will not begin until that day. This is a great option if you aren’t available for the normal estimated delivery windows provided above. Please remember, if the estimated windows provided above are realistic for you and your move, let the driver know your F.A.D.D. is the date of pick up (immediate). As per DOT Law all deliveries are required to be completed with in 30 business days of the First Available Delivery Date. The carrier will provide compensation up to $25 per day there after.

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